3rd Annual Georgia High School eSPORTS Invitational Was a Huge Success

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Thursday, June 27th, 2019

On June 21, 2019 at Georgia Piedmont Technical College, Pharaoh’s Conclave delivered another standout event for the gaming community, the 3rd annual GA High School eSPORTS Invitational.

This event wasn’t just about a tournament that matched up Georgia’s best in Team and Individual competitions, bragging rights and even scholarships for colleges. But what made this event different from the monster tournaments that come to town like MomoCon is the fact that they had seminars and workshops led by local industry experts. You had the opportunity to network with people from Turner ELEAGUE, SKILLSHOT, Hi-Rez Studios, Axis Replay, DeKalb Entertainment Commission and so many more.

These learning opportunities allow for parents and the other children attending, to hear about the eSPORTS community from people who are defining the industry today. Guests were taught about career opportunities outside of being a Gamer, they heard about Women in Gaming and they got a sneak peek on learning how to create your very own comic book superhero, just to name a few. But what the crowd loved the most was the meet and greet with 2 professional eSPORTS Teams and their Coaches; the Hawks Talon Gaming Club and the Pittsburgh Knights. The Hawks Talon GC gave out lapel pins to the audience for all to enjoy.

But we would be remiss if we didn’t mention what the kids came to play for in the Individual and Team Tournaments. Individual prizes included 12-month Free Passes to play any on-line X-BOX games and merchandise from Turner ELEAGUE, SKILLSHOT and Axis Replay. The Team prizes included merchandise from Turner ELEAGUE and Axis Replay, $2,000 scholarships for any college, bragging rights and a trophy.

Isiah “Red Monkey” Miller won the Individual Smash Brothers Tournament and walked away with the XBOX Prize and some cool swag. The Paladin Team Tournament went into Sudden Death Overtime and we still have a tie with the 2-time defending Champs, Tucker High School who is being challenged by their 2 year rival, STEAM Sport. So far both teams have won merchandise from our supporters. Now we are moving the final round of the championship match to July 7, 2019 at the Axis Replay facility in Atlanta where they will battle it out once and for all for the scholarships, cool swag, bragging rights and a trophy!

Every year this annual event gets bigger and bigger because Georgia has become a hot bed for this $Billion Industry. The entire gaming industry has migrated to Georgia and is growing into a cultural phenomenon. Does your child love to play video games? Are they into cartoons and comic books? There is an entire industry that has become bigger than football and basketball and it is filled with careers that pay a great salary. We hope that you can make it out to the event next year to find out more and to see if your child is the next big star.